Learn to Ride

Why not start off your polo journey with some riding lessons at Polo Valley?

Learn to ride the polo way, with one of our qualified riding instructors who will have you learning the basics on horseback whilst gaining your confidence in the saddle. Our riding lessons last for roughly an hour, giving you plenty of time in the saddle to work with our coaches.

Our team of professionals will develop a bespoke program for you and with a selection of over 45 ponies, you can be sure that we will have the right pony for you. Whether you are new to riding and are looking for your first lesson or two, before heading out onto the polo field or whether you are a regular player looking to improve your ride-offs or lead changes. Riding lessons are always an exciting option to consider during your trip. Regardless of ability, our team is here to ensure each individual gets what he or she wants from each session.



Polo Riding Lessons




10 Polo Riding Lessons



What our guests say...


“Having played on and off for two years, I was recommended to sign up for a riding lesson on my free morning by Christian– he insisted I must learn how to ‘change leads.’

I was amazed by what I learned in an hour, the clear instruction changed my riding completely, and I felt much more balanced, confident and in control on the horse. Santi taught me to be much lighter on the horses and to use my body weight, position and legs much more.

I can honestly say it changed my polo completely, I was now confident to go for neck shots and nearside backhands – shots that I had always shied away from previously. Ironically, the previous ‘lack of using my legs’ soon became obvious – and in no time, with the help of Judy, I had organized a sports massage for the afternoon!

I can’t recommend this highly enough – I’ll definitely be booking more session in when I plan my next trip back to Polo Valley.”